Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cal Students United Against Tasers

Cal students protested outside the Berkeley Police Station on Saturday, April 12, 2014, following a call for the use of tasers by the Berkeley Police Association.

John Carl, one of the protesters, stated:
They'll use them on us.  We've all seen the footage of the clubbing of students in the Occupy UC Berkeley protests from over a year ago.  When the police get panicky, they see students as the enemy. Cal makes Berkeley's economy.  The businesses owe us and we expect them to stand behind us against the tasers.
 Jim, a pre-med student, spoke about the long-term dangers of using tasers on human beings. 
Long term taser damage to humans and animals is still being evaluated.  We know some people have died from being struck with a taser.  There is also a link to cancer and other serious conditions.  This new police demand is against public interest.
Cal students plan more protests in the future. 


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